SURTS & the Future of Data Standards in the London Market

Events -- 23 June 2021

Author: Sequel Marketing

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A new data & API standard, SURTS (Sequel Unifying Risk Transfer Standard), is coming to London. Developed by Sequel, ACORD and a group of leading managing agents, its aim is to simplify data exchange, improving the speed, efficiency and accuracy of placement and distribution. 

In this round table discussion hosted by Better Insurance Networks, the people behind this game-changing initiative discuss: 

  • Why are data standards needed in the London Market?
  • What is SURTS and what benefits will it bring?
  • What do you need to do to prepare?
  • How do legacy systems take advantage of SURTS? 
  • How will data standards evolve globally and over time? 


  • Ian Summers, CEO, Sequel
  • Ian Fantozzi, Group COO, Beazley
  • Bill Pieroni, CEO, ACORD
  • Simon Asplen-Taylor, Data Lead, Future at Lloyd's
  • Antony Ireland, Founder, Better Insurance Network (moderator)