Sequel Rulebook Hub

Bring control and governance to the delegated underwriting process, streamlining distribution and unlocking access to previously unseen capital. Rulebook Hub allows brokers and MGAs to access faster capital whilst reducing time and cost. Designed as an insurer hosted pricing solution, it brings control and governance to the delegated underwriting process, and streamlines distribution.

Rulebook Hub is a Cloud-based platform that connects up insurers, brokers and MGAs.

  • Insurer-hosted pricing solution.
  • Store rating models for even the most complex delegated underwriting arrangements.
  • Ensure that a risk is priced accurately and within the terms of their underwriting authority before binding.
  • Rules and ratings can be integrated directly into broker and MGA systems.
  • Increases efficiency of transacting business.
  • Quote and bind business in a matter of seconds.
  • Ensure integrity and auditability of records.
  • React more quickly to market conditions by managing products in real-time.
  • Greater control in managing delegated authority.
  • Access more data, providing greater visibility, and control of business written through Rulebook Hub.
  • A genuine alternative to risk bordereaux.

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Sequel offer innovative service oriented solutions, built to leverage the scale and robustness of the Microsoft stack.

We always prefer open standards in web technology and services, including HTML5 and Mobile technology.

Applications are built in a hosting-agnostic way so they can be supported in our secure geo-centric cloud or on-premise within your own estate.

Sequel Managed Services

A fully hosted cloud-based alternative

If you’d prefer a fixed price, internet-enabled solution, with no need for your own in-house support, our Managed Service offers you secure access to the Sequel application of your choice. We manage all the maintenance and upgrading of the required hardware, software and infrastructure, so you can concentrate on simply growing your business.