Data standardisation: reshaping distribution and digital strategies

Blog -- 16 November 2021

Author: Sequel Marketing

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Sequel's CCO, Paul Latarche is joined by Digital Placement Leader, Reid Stanway from Marsh to discuss data standardisation and how it is reshaping distribution and digital strategies.

Many businesses are trying to figure out their digital trading strategy and how data standards fit into it. Paul and Reid discuss some of the topics that surround this, including:

  • The concept and success so far of Marsh Intuitive' s digital strategy 
  • The key benefits of standardisation and for whom
  • How can the concept be applied to international markets
  • How can this reshape and improve distribution
  • Which players and classes of business will benefit
  • What lessons can we learn in London

Watch the full session below

To find out more, join Paul and Reid at the Insurance Insider London Market Conference on 24 November, where they will be facilitating a roundtable event with Marcus Broome, Chief Platform Officer, Whitespace and other market participants to discuss the following:

  • What does the new role of data mean for the industry? 
  • The ability to use data to drive better reinsurance outcomes
  • Data transformation: from concept to implementation
  • The challenges and opportunities associated when using data for digital transformation

Register and find out more about the Insurance Insider London Market Conference by following the link below.

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