Insurance Ecosystems - From Buzzword to Reality write up

Events -- 22 June 2021

Author: Sequel Events

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Insurance discourse is awash with articles advancing ecosystems and the vital role they will play in the provision of insurance in the digital future. Ecosystems are an increasingly common feature of retail insurance, but what about the world of specialty?

The acquisition of Whitespace by Sequel (a Verisk company) combines front office, back office, and Verisk’s many other capabilities under one roof. For this session we brought together a panel to discuss the ecosystem framework being created around Sequel for the specialty market, and how it could benefit clients. We also learned how Verisk’s capabilities fit into this framework, the motivations for the acquisition and what lies ahead for both Sequel and Whitespace.

Robin Merttens
InsTech London Co Founder & Partner

Ian, why did Sequel acquire Whitespace back in March?

IS: It’s about getting data from the beginning of processes to the end, and the Whitespace Platform is data driven. Technology has always been blamed for not being right when it comes to electronic placement. It’s more about the business change programme and adoption. The Whitespace Platform is user friendly and since everyone is working at home because of COVID, it was perfect timing for the product to come into the Sequel suite.

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